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Morning specials
Jeannette Medema
Miracle Morning

The early morning, before your day starts with your regular activities, is a moment of serenity. The night changes into morning light. The way how you set the tone for today has a huge impact on how successful your day will become. Imagine that your day starts peaceful, colourful and energetic. Get a first experience of a miracle morning and join, even if it is very early!

We will use combinations of the six aspects: silence, exercise, writing, scribing, visualising and affirmations. The speed will be natural. 

Monday & Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30
Marjolein Hutting
Plenary Day opening
Open your mind and body to be ready for another energetic day.
Sunday at 8:30 - 9:15
Hendrik-Jan Hoeve
Plenary Day opening
Open your mind and body to be ready for another energetic day.
Monday at 8:30 - 9:15
Sabine Houtman
Plenary Day opening
Open your mind and body to be ready for another energetic day.
Tuesday at 8:30 - 9:15
Evening specials | 21:00 - 22:30
Marjolein Hutting
Improv theatre for creative thinkers

To play improv theater you need to be in the here and now, you have to dare to fail gloriously and need to think on your feet. Those three skills come in very handy if you want to become a better creative thinker. So far nothing new perhaps, but you should try this! We are going to play and we'll discover how we can use our body to come up with new ideas. 

For everyone who is up for fun, energy and have the guts to fail gloriously.

Saturday evening at 21:00
Sabine Houtman
Free your inner creative child!

By doing playful movements together and relaxing group exercises on specific music, our creativity and joy of life is stimulated. The importance of inner experience and feeling without judging opens our spontaneity. In this way we also learn to know, connect and trust ourselves and each other better.

Sunday evening at 21:00
Karen van der Stappen
Tango Argentino

You perceive this partner dance maybe as a very macho happening. The truth is very different. Let’s try and feel the kick of improvisation, experience how it is to be like an animal with 4 legs. There is no structure! Forget the order of steps! You will learn about leading and following in a very organic way. How nice! And realize that the best way to generate most pleasure and health and to take care of yourself, is to move on music you like.

Sunday evening at 21:00
Judith de Jong
Play camp (partly outdoor)

Enjoy an active evening and have a lot of fun together. We are going to play a lot of games (physical games, card games, etc.) and make a link to how to use this in your own practice.

Monday evening at 21:00
Night special
Anja Neubauer
Expecto Patronum (outdoor)

Keen Harry Potter readers will recognise the title - a charm to get rid of your own dementors. In the workshop you will face your (creative) fears and doubts. But also get tips about how to tackle them and to develop your own patronus charm. 

In the night of Saturday to Sunday at 2:00 daylight saving time starts. Exactly at that moment, we will have this special workshop.