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5-8 October 2019

2nd edition - Texel The Netherlands

Out of Office Inspiration is a 4-day workshop festival for creative trainers, facilitators, marketing, education and innovation professionals to share their expertise and knowledge and test new approaches for applied (business) creativity.


The main language will be Dutch. However, if you would like to join and don't speak nor understand Dutch, we are still open for your participation. It is possible for you to provide a workshop in English. We will indicate this in the program overview. You yourself can join all other workshops you like, however we cannot promise that we switch to English. Maybe there will be more English workshops, that would be great for you. If not, we trust your own creativity that you will get the best out of the workshops in Dutch. You can join all other workshops you like, however the (vast) majority will be in Dutch.

Povide a workshop

Great! You would like to share your knowledge and expertise, or would like to experiment with new stuff! You are very welcome! Actually, without YOU there will be no Out of Office Inspiration. We have several tastes and sizes for workshops; Single expo (90 min), Double expo (180 min), Evening special (45-90 min), Day opening (30-45 min). Do you have suggestions for an early morning or night special? We are open for your wild ideas! You can propose a workshop via this form. The majority of the program is set, but if you like to provide something, please contact Judith.

Discount for contributors

Participants who contribute* to the program of the conference get a discount of €130 on their subscription fee. This discount is also meant for compensation for the costs of material. ​Examples of contribution are: Workshop leader of a single (90 min) or double expo (180 min); Facilitator of a sharing circle (3 days, about 45 min each day); Facilitator of a day opening (30-45 min); Facilitator of a morning, evening or night special (45-90 min)

Ingredients for a workshop

There is a lot of freedom in what you are going to do in your workshop. Only some ingredients are must haves:

  • The workshop needs to be full of interactivity (no lectures) and creativity.

  • Everything that is done and presented in the workshop is 100% 'stealable'. This means that the participants may and can use everything they have learned in their own practice, without any need for certification, subscription etc.

  • Every workshop leader takes care of his/her own materials and hand-outs (except flip-over paper and markers). The discount you get is also meant for a compensation of the costs of material.


You can subscribe via this webform. If you need any help, please contact

Cancellation & Booking conditions

Your registration is final when the money has been transferred. If Out of Office Inspiration 2019 is cancelled, the registration fee will be refunded. Other costs are your own risk (e.g. flight and ferry tickets). Payment is only possible via Ideal or Credit Card.

Cancellation policy

Of course we hope that you can join Out of Office Inspiration, but sometimes unforeseen things happen. Then it is good to know that:

You can cancel before 1 July 2019. You will then be reimbursed for the registration costs minus the administration costs.

If you cancel between 1 July 2019 and 1 August 2019, 50% of the costs will be refunded.

After 1 August 2019, the booking is definitive. No refund will be made on cancellation.


In all cases

If you cannot participate, it is possible to send another participant in your place. This is possible until the last moment and free of charge. Any discount for being a workshop leader will be settled with the new participant in that situation. In consultation, it will be checked whether the overnight accommodation is suitable or whether the new person has to book their own overnight stay. This may be the case if a male participant replaces a female participant and a shared room is booked.

The complete Term & Conditions form regarding to Out of Office Inspiration can be downloaded here.